Renter Information

If you rented an apartment, a house, or space for a manufactured home and your housing was affected by the wildfire, this information is for you.


Tenant FAQs

Frequently asked questions for tenants after the Oregon wildfires


Sample Landlord Letters

Download letters

Public Benefits

Addresses FAQs for people affected by Oregon wildfires, such as:
What can I do if I lost prescriptions and/or medical equipment due to the wildfires?
Can I get medical insurance if I’m not eligible for Oregon Health Plan?

Manufactured Homes

If you are a manufactured homeowner, either on land you own, or in a park, or you rented a manufactured home in a park and your housing was affected by the wildfire, this information is for you. This document also includes information on Page 6 for manufactured home park owners.


Information for immigrants affected by Oregon wildfires. Includes info on FEMA financial assistance, lost documentation, and why disaster relief is not considered in public charge assessment.

ID Replacement

If your driver’s license, Oregon ID, vehicle title, or registration was lost to a natural disaster, the information below may help you replace your documents.

Air Quality Concerns / Employment

Employers have a duty to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. If you believe your workplace is unsafe or unhealthy due to air quality, you can tell your employer about your concerns to make the workplace safer.

Insurance Claims

Insurance basics after a wildfire – If you have damaged or destroyed property as a result of wildfire, the following information is for you. More information about how to get help is available at and at


Information about FEMA and FEMA appeals